Hello, a bit about me:

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Anna N. Taylor's 7 Tips on Getting the Best Customer Service Experience​​

With a passion for helping those in a variety of needs, San Diego county-based Anna Taylor is an Empowering Speaker, Avid Writer, as well as a Life & Personal Development Coach for a diverse population in California. She has also developed into becoming a: Personal Strategist, as well as, dutifully noted for being a Social Media expert & Confidante by her Professional peers.


“When I was a child, I dreamt that I had my own resource center as an adult. It showed me that I was providing services for disadvantaged individuals,” Anna notes. “I started volunteering in my Elementary years and have chosen to continue volunteering when I can, and now it is gratifying for me to see how my proactive strives within my home, neighborhood, and community is helping others.”


In addition, Anna has a Long employment history, that stems from Customer service to a form of Law Enforcement to Packaging warehouses and the Healthcare field. She notes the following, "I hope to leave a promising and empowering legacy."


*I am presently networking and creating a Campaign Project, to launch my Women's Organization.

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